Posemaker Challenge – Imperial Elegance

I love poses and I love posemakers.  It’s amazing how a pose can really drive home the feelings you want to capture in a picture.   I also love poses because well, SL doesn’t exactly have the most natural or attractive default poses.  I, like so many other bloggers, fail to credit my poses all the time.. but I do try!  So I had to take Achariya’s Posemaker Challenge so I could highlight some of my favorite posemakers.  So to kick off this challenge, I’m going to spotlight a posemaker who I don’t think gets nearly the attention she deserves, Sai Pennell of Imperial Elegance.  I’ve liked her poses since I first set foot into her shop and I think her poses keep getting better and better.  Her fashion poses are great, I like that they can be cute and sexy all at the same time.  Also one of the things that has stood out to me about her shop is that she sells weapon poses!!!!  She won me over with her Gunslinger poses and then again with her Katana poses.  Here are a few snaps of poses I especially love.  ^^  Oh, and the pose from previous fishing post is also by Sai!

Imperial Elegance Fashion Poses
Poses from the Trendy and Red Carpet Sets by Imperial Elegance
Outfit by Dutch Touch
Hair by Maitreya
Boots by Shiny Things

Imperial Elegance Gunslinger Poses
Poses from the Gunslinger Set by Imperial Elegance
Hair by Maitreya
Jacket by Cubic Effect
Top by Thimbles
Jeans by League
Boots by Shiny Things
Guns by C-Tech

Swords Part 2

Both sets of sword pictures were inspired by the game Soul Calibur.. specifically, the last set was inspired by Xianghua and this set by Amy. My takes weren’t very literal because it’s hard finding similar outfits in SL so I made my own customized fighting game character in the same general vein of my inspiration pics. This outfit was Mamesando’s gift from last year’s Creator’s Stamp Rally so I’m not sure if it’s even available anymore, but they will be offering it in black for the Summer CSR! This event is so much fun, I highly recommend it if you’ve got Lindens to burn because the gifts available are really awesome.

Super photo intensive… per usual. :D

Amy 01

Amy 02

Amy 03

Amy 04

Amy 05

Amy 06

Amy 07

Amy 08

Amy 09

Hair – [Elsie Twintail by Elsie] tinted
Roses – [Hair Rose by SiniStyle]
Eyes – [Spirit Eyes in Fire by Happa]
Skin by Me
Complete Outfit – [White Dra Goth by Mamesando] was a CSR gift from last year
Sword – [Griffon’s Claw by Tekeli-li]
Poses – [Katana Poses by Imperial Elegance] (pic 1-7 & 9) & [Ground Sit Pose by Imperial Elegance] (pic 8)

Swords Part 1

I have been so excited for Sai Pennell‘s Katana poses ever since she first mentioned them and they are awesome!!! <333 I really love these, I keep making excuses to wear my swords everywhere so I can strike a pose when the mood hits me. Whenever I’ve wanted to use a sword or something in the past I’d have to edit the crap out of it to make it work with normal poses I had in my inventory so these just are fantastic. I’m planning on using them in two different themed photos and here’s the first set, inspired by a mix of fighting game characters. :D

I should also mention that Sai is offering an excellent AO completely free in her shop right now. I remember when I first started SL that finding a decent AO was really difficult and the ones that were free were, uh, shall we say not exactly understated. So this is really cool of her to offer this. :)

Sword 2

Sword 4

Sword 5

Sword 1

Sword 7

Sword 6

Sword 3

Hair – [Chandra by ETD]
Eyes – [Jewel Eyes in Amber by **DP**yumyum]
Skin by Me
Entire Outfit – [Euryale by BareRose]
Shoes – [Cheeries by Aphrodite Creations]
Sword – [Devil’s Tongue – Krys Blade by Tekeli-li]
Poses – [Katana Poses by Imperial Elegance]
Taken at GION

Two Guns

Sai Pennell’s Gunslinger Poses were the inspiration for this picture spread. She makes awesome poses!! And, drool, how cool are the Redemption Pistols from C-Tech? I’m simply amazed at the the detail and the options, and well, everything, they are pretty freakin’ awesome. I have had my eye on Refuge’s Brood outfit since it came out and finally decided, yus, must have. The textures are fabulous and I’m a sucker for long coats. It does come with it’s own top (which is awesome) but I wanted something a bit.. well, skimpier, so I used a freebie bikini top from Shai. So yes, there you have it. Picture crazy time. And since Flickr is being annoying I’ve also posted these over on Koinup just in case all you see are red x’s. >.<

Gunslinger 9

Gunslinger 1

Gunslinger 2

Gunslinger 8

Gunslinger 6

Gunslinger 7

Gunslinger 3

Gunslinger 5

Gunslinger 4

Eyes – [Spirit Eyes in Origin by Happa]
Hair – [Secret by TheAbyss]
Skin – [Unreleased by {Frick}]
Eyelashes – [Prim Lashes by Deviant Kitties]
Piercing – [The Line by Deviant Kitties]
Piercing – [Mouth rings & spikes by Deviant Kitties]
Outfit – [Brood by Refuge]
Bikini Top – [Freebie Black String Bikini by Shai]
Shoes – [Resident Boots by Deviant Kitties]
Guns – [Redemption mk 4 Long Slide by C-Tech]
Gun Poses [Gunslinger by Imperial Elegance]
Non Gun Poses by Long Awkward Pose]