Posemaker Challenge – Imperial Elegance

I love poses and I love posemakers.  It’s amazing how a pose can really drive home the feelings you want to capture in a picture.   I also love poses because well, SL doesn’t exactly have the most natural or attractive default poses.  I, like so many other bloggers, fail to credit my poses all the time.. but I do try!  So I had to take Achariya’s Posemaker Challenge so I could highlight some of my favorite posemakers.  So to kick off this challenge, I’m going to spotlight a posemaker who I don’t think gets nearly the attention she deserves, Sai Pennell of Imperial Elegance.  I’ve liked her poses since I first set foot into her shop and I think her poses keep getting better and better.  Her fashion poses are great, I like that they can be cute and sexy all at the same time.  Also one of the things that has stood out to me about her shop is that she sells weapon poses!!!!  She won me over with her Gunslinger poses and then again with her Katana poses.  Here are a few snaps of poses I especially love.  ^^  Oh, and the pose from previous fishing post is also by Sai!

Imperial Elegance Fashion Poses
Poses from the Trendy and Red Carpet Sets by Imperial Elegance
Outfit by Dutch Touch
Hair by Maitreya
Boots by Shiny Things

Imperial Elegance Gunslinger Poses
Poses from the Gunslinger Set by Imperial Elegance
Hair by Maitreya
Jacket by Cubic Effect
Top by Thimbles
Jeans by League
Boots by Shiny Things
Guns by C-Tech

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