Random Rants and Such

So I thought I’d sit down and give clothing another spin in Photoshop today. No matter how often I try it, I still hate it. I should upgrade to CS4 because I’ve been hearing that you can paint directly onto the 3D avatar mesh. If it indeed does that, holy crap, that would be awesome.. matching up seams from head to torso and torso to lower would be so much easier. At least in theory.. I’m sure it’s far more complicated than I think. Maybe I’ll download the trial first. At any rate, here’s the shirt I came up with today.  It’s terribly basic but at least the seams matched up.


I have to admit, my interest in SL has been waning as of late so I’m trying to come up with things to draw me back in.. like torturing myself to make clothes. My little shop is just becoming fail city.. I really don’t sell enough stuff to have to deal with the sheer volume of asshole that keeps coming my way. I think if I even turned a profit I’d be a lot more willing to work with people but holy crap, I can’t even give stuff away these days and yet people still complain! Argh. So that’s really wearing thin on my patience and it’s pretty much ruining my good time whenever I log in. That’s the main reason behind my infrequent SL appearances. Given the option of what to play in my free time, I’d rather fire up WoW and shoot someone in the face than have to kiss some jerk’s ass so they don’t go off on me.

And I’ve got glow ghost issues… again. *sigh*

On the upside, I found a really good sushi place nearby!

4 responses to “Random Rants and Such

  1. Wait. People complain about your stuff? I FLIPPIN LOVE YOUR SKINS! They look great, they’re insanely cheap, they are instantly recognisable (by those who also love your skins) and did I mention that they look great? I’ve done clubs and modeling on SL. I’m the only person without the same, bland, cookie cutter skins.

    Though I will agree, I’ve been on for almost two years and after a three month break I’m doing all I can to find a reason to keep signing on (thank God for good friends). I’ve got more clothes, skins, hairs and everything else than I know what to do with so I don’t need to go shopping. Clubs are a drag (except for the one my friend owns, and all her profits go straight to charity).

    Let me do your customer service. Then you won’t have to kiss anyone’s ass *evil grin*

  2. Awww, thanks Hatsy! :D I’m glad you like my skins!! ^^ I do have to admit, I think the shop has really hurt SL for me because it’s become more work than a game now. Having to deal with the occasional whiners just makes me so bleh about logging in. I’m trying not to let the jerks get me down but it wears on a person after a while. *le sigh*

    Most of the complaints have been centered around the skins being a) too expensive b) not in a skin tone they want c) makeups are too “extreme”. All of which make me shake my head because, seriously?! I feel like the prices are pretty competitive, especially when I see so many mods out there that are really barely modded going for over L$ 100 usually, there are 4 skin tones which I think cover a pretty good span and hello, extreme makeup is what I do. *shrug* My guess is they want a customized skin for free.. that’s probably the root of every complaint. And of course the usual, I can’t find the freebie, give it to me now because I can’t be bothered to TP to your store to look for it. >.<

  3. Complaints about your skins? That’s crazy your skins are awesome!Forget about those whiney entitlement types that seem to be cropping up more and more. Make what you wanna make.
    A customer or freebie hunter gives you a hard time just ignore them. Cause really, life is too short to deal with that type of greedy negativity.

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