Round 2

So I tweaked the top a bit… I think I’m maybe enjoying it a bit more because it’s really nice to see it come together in something I wouldn’t be embarrased to wear.  :D  I re-purposed the corset piercings for this top and I like how that turned out.  If there’s a way to fit those suckers onto something I will because they really are one of the things I’m most proud of even though their reception was pretty awful lol.  So it’s nice to make them into something with more wearability.  I’m still working on the textures and shading and I’m not super happy with them yet.. right now it kinda looks like it’s been washed a 1000 times and is pretty thread bare. I also tried different folds in this version and I think they may be a little too pronounced. Anyhoo, onto the pic.

Corset Tank

3 responses to “Round 2

  1. This was exactly what I was looking for actually, I didn’t expect to find a suprise! And it fits so well with that crazy gypsy type skirt I’ve been wearing for the last week trying to match up a decent top to!!

  2. Yay!! I have to say after tweaking them a bit I’m actually pretty pleased with the result! It’s really the first item of clothing I’ve made that I’m not embarrassed to wear out of my sky box lol.

  3. Those grey jeans with the sculptie legs were really cute, I’m sure you don’t feel embarassed to wear those too! My av can’t wear too thin jeans, but I guess I can stick them on my “mom” shape.. she can wear all the thin stuff!!! :D

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