Black Dra Goth by Mamesando

In the Swords v2 post I did a bit back I used the White Dra Goth outfit from Mamesando that I picked up from the Winter Creator’s Stamp Rally. Well I couldn’t resist grabbing the Black Dra Goth version that Mamesando was offering up as a gift for the Summer CSR. The entire outfit from the hair, skin, shape, eyes, etc are all included and I used it all. This version comes with a really amazing scripted sword with fantastic animations. Obviously pictures can’t do it justice so I attempted a little video to show it off. I’ve never used Sony Vegas before to edit a video so you’ll have to excuse the cheesetasticness and icky quality of it. I still am not sure how to save it as an .avi file without the size being too large for Flickr to allow so I had to save it as a .wmv which made it kinda choppy. But all that said, yay for Fraps finally working again for me! No more 4 FPS nonsense, woot!

*Edit, 25th time is the charm, I think I figured out how to embed, yay!*

Entire Avatar, Outfit & AO – [Black Dra Goth by Mamesando] Creator’s Stamp Rally Gift
Music – Fatal Chain from Soul Calibur III