Dread Weaver

Another entry into my Winged/Wicked things category…. I’ve played with a great many looks in SL but the one I find myself consistently gravitating towards more and more these days is the demon look.  I like representing a darker shade of myself in SL and what can I say, I really like horns.  And Ruina’s foray into horns has made me all giddy! ^^;

I finally got a chance to hit the hair fair and one of my favorite styles I picked up was Alethia from SLink.  Once I stumbled through the directions on how to choose a color for my new hair I was good to go.  I’m not especially good with instructions and I really just revert into a toddler whenever I have to read them.. but I managed even though I never was able to actually drop it on the ground, so I partly blame SL for screwing with me.  But on the whole, I really like the idea SLink has put into play with their hair, you get to choose the combo of 1, 3 or 5 haircolors and pick your own pack which I really appreciate.

And I think I’m finally getting on the mend from my cold/flu/grossness… I still am tired beyond all get out, but for the most part I’m over the worst of it, I hope anyways!

Dread Weaver 1

Dread Weaver 2

Dread Weaver 3

Hair by SLink
Horns by House of Ruin
Eyes by EYeL@B
Lashes by Cake
Piercing by Deviant Kitties
Jewelry and Staff by Tekeli-li
Top by PixelDolls (group gift)
Skirt by Sn@tch
Wings by Material Squirrel (tinted)
Skin by me

Winged Wicked Things

Just when I was about to say eff it and forget about going to the hair fair forever, I finally got into the sim.  Overall, it wasn’t terrible.. yeah, I saw your typical blinged out gray blobs but maybe because I was wearing untextured everything I pretty much zipped around unhindered… the lag actually wasn’t too bad since I was flying around.. but stuff did take forever and a day to load. So anyways… the Ioehinyd Queen Hair from Curious Kitties was the biggest reason I braved the fair.  As soon as I saw it, a lemming was born and yes, it was totally worth going just for it alone.

I think Succubus was kinda my theme for these pictures… and yeah, I lifted from my Wits or a Dagger thing from a while back, it’s the same skin I used there too. Ah well, not everything can be fresh and new. :P The last picture at the bottom is an unfiltered version so you can actually see the hair clearly. :)

Succubus 1

Succubus 2

Succubus 3

Succubus 4

Hair – [Ioehinyd Queen Hair by Curious Kitties]
Eyes – [Jewel Eyes in Garnet by **DP**yumyum]
Skin by me
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Full Outfit – [Nemain by BareRose]
Wings – [Arch Demon Wings by Material Squirrel]
Hooves & Horns – [Female Faun AV by Titania’s Court] tinted


Better late than never… I remember hearing about the Calico Creations/~silentsparrow~ Flickr contest a while back but then totally forgot about it until today… so I scurried to put together my outfit! Of course, I ended up with 4 pictures and decided to reject the last pic. Let me take a minute to lavish praise upon ~silentsparrow~ and Calico Creations for their lovely things. I absolutely adore this dress, it’s the perfect shade of turquoise perfection and the texturing is just unbelievably fantastic. And of course, pair it up with the really fun and beautiful Calico Creation’s hair and you can tell they were just made for each other. ^^ And of course, I had to go to Lash’s La Reve to take pics. I just can’t help but go back there whenever I need an ethereal, gorgeous locale in which to set my pictures against. If you haven’t been to La Reve, omg, what are you waiting for? Go now. Seriously, go now.

Calico Creations/~silentsparrow~ Contest 1

Calico Creations/~silentsparrow~ Contest 3

Calico Creations/~silentsparrow~ Contest 2


Dress – [Seraph Suite In Sea by ~silentsparrow~]
Hair – [Raven in Sea by Calico Creations]
Eyes – [Spirit Eyes in Snow by Happa]
Skin – [Unreleased Dawn Starlight by {Frick}]
Piercing – [Mouth rings & spikes by Deviant Kitties]
Eyelashes – [Wing Lashes by Cake]
Wings – [Arch Demon Wings by Material Squirrel]
Horns – [Ram’s Horns by Illusions]
Pose by [Long Awkward Pose]
Shots taken at Lash’s La Reve