Better late than never… I remember hearing about the Calico Creations/~silentsparrow~ Flickr contest a while back but then totally forgot about it until today… so I scurried to put together my outfit! Of course, I ended up with 4 pictures and decided to reject the last pic. Let me take a minute to lavish praise upon ~silentsparrow~ and Calico Creations for their lovely things. I absolutely adore this dress, it’s the perfect shade of turquoise perfection and the texturing is just unbelievably fantastic. And of course, pair it up with the really fun and beautiful Calico Creation’s hair and you can tell they were just made for each other. ^^ And of course, I had to go to Lash’s La Reve to take pics. I just can’t help but go back there whenever I need an ethereal, gorgeous locale in which to set my pictures against. If you haven’t been to La Reve, omg, what are you waiting for? Go now. Seriously, go now.

Calico Creations/~silentsparrow~ Contest 1

Calico Creations/~silentsparrow~ Contest 3

Calico Creations/~silentsparrow~ Contest 2


Dress – [Seraph Suite In Sea by ~silentsparrow~]
Hair – [Raven in Sea by Calico Creations]
Eyes – [Spirit Eyes in Snow by Happa]
Skin – [Unreleased Dawn Starlight by {Frick}]
Piercing – [Mouth rings & spikes by Deviant Kitties]
Eyelashes – [Wing Lashes by Cake]
Wings – [Arch Demon Wings by Material Squirrel]
Horns – [Ram’s Horns by Illusions]
Pose by [Long Awkward Pose]
Shots taken at Lash’s La Reve

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