Winged Wicked Things

Just when I was about to say eff it and forget about going to the hair fair forever, I finally got into the sim.  Overall, it wasn’t terrible.. yeah, I saw your typical blinged out gray blobs but maybe because I was wearing untextured everything I pretty much zipped around unhindered… the lag actually wasn’t too bad since I was flying around.. but stuff did take forever and a day to load. So anyways… the Ioehinyd Queen Hair from Curious Kitties was the biggest reason I braved the fair.  As soon as I saw it, a lemming was born and yes, it was totally worth going just for it alone.

I think Succubus was kinda my theme for these pictures… and yeah, I lifted from my Wits or a Dagger thing from a while back, it’s the same skin I used there too. Ah well, not everything can be fresh and new. :P The last picture at the bottom is an unfiltered version so you can actually see the hair clearly. :)

Succubus 1

Succubus 2

Succubus 3

Succubus 4

Hair – [Ioehinyd Queen Hair by Curious Kitties]
Eyes – [Jewel Eyes in Garnet by **DP**yumyum]
Skin by me
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Full Outfit – [Nemain by BareRose]
Wings – [Arch Demon Wings by Material Squirrel]
Hooves & Horns – [Female Faun AV by Titania’s Court] tinted

2 responses to “Winged Wicked Things

  1. I just picked up a gold skin to try to go there as a human form to cut out all the laggy stuff for the sake of others as well… but I have this one AV I got in Kowloon which has never experienced any kind of lag, but is basicly a partical ball.. I don’t understand how it could not have lag considering particals may cause lag.

    I’ve been hanging around Templum ex Obscurum and thought about really dressing up in something fine.. Silent sparrow.. stuff..

    if I buy it it will be the most expensive item I have ever bought on SL so far.. other than a parcile of land-

    even if you think elements of your look there are recycled.. I see that they are so much more modified.. I saw only small emements of the Maze dweller style.. (still you have to admire those small details such as the horns and hoves with the bull ring!! fantastic)

    Still I want to go to the hair fair too.. but I have had no luck when I tried.. it said that the sim was too full and denied my teleport… but I guess there still is time :)

    Flying off now.. sorry no new images from me until next month.. so I will be looking around and commenting much more. :D

  2. I have heard that particles cause lag client side instead of server side… but that doesn’t seem to mesh with the whole textures loading cause lag theory because wouldn’t particles have to load tons of textures? Trying to figure out what causes lag makes my head hurt because there are so many different camps of what is actually doing the lag causing. All I know is that I pretty much was unable to see most avatars as more than gray blinging blobs but all the vendors managed to load so that was a plus and it wasn’t that terribly hard to move.

    Templum is such a gorgeous sim, I really love the colors. My only whine is that I can’t use scripted stuff in parts so that means my Huddles animator dealy thing doesn’t work so I have to rely on whatever I stuffed my AO with before I left home lol.

    Ooooooh, that suite from Silent Sparrow is one of my favorites… I have it in sea and it’s worth every crazy last penny.

    A last trick I hadn’t tried to get into the fair was to go to a neighboring sim and try to bump into the border.. I did that once trying to get into an ETD sale and I felt like an idiot, but it did work! I do want to go back to the fair and pile up on freebies, but I’ll wait until closer towards the end in the hope that it will thin out a bit.

    Can’t wait to see what stuff you come up with! :D

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