BBBC Day 2

Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like.

Most days in SL are pretty good for me really.  But the perfect day would definitely be one that was completely without responsibility.  No irate IMs to greet me, no vaguely titled notecards containing a demand to get something for free, no “urgent” stuff, just me logging in to have fun or work without having to worry about my virtual store being burnt to the ground by an angry mob.  Also on my list of wishes for this perfect day, I’d like to have all my uploads work, all my textures load quickly and properly, teleports work every single time, hair that fits perfectly right out of the box, my letter to *finally* come up on the Happy Mood lucky chair so I can get those bubble chairs I’ve been coveting and waiting and waiting for…. and I’ll take some cake too.  ^^

I do have a confession to make, once in a blue moon I’ll log into an alt I made a while back to just get away from it all… usually I’ll do this after something upsetting happened with a rude person or sometimes after a new release just to get a little peace and quiet.  Sometimes you just have to escape from your escape lol.

my alt

Hair by Truth (freebie)
Eyes by Shine (DSN gift)
Piercing by Ommik (VSM item)
Hoodie by Atomic (previous group gift)
(my alt is freebie hoar)

BBBC Wrap Up

BBBC Final Question: What did you get out of this whole experience? Do you think this will change how you blog in the future?

I really had a good time with this challenge. While I wasn’t exactly slacking on posts prior to the challenge it was fun to try and post everyday… which I failed, but I was sick. :P The best part of the challenge for me was definitely discovering new people and their awesomesauce blogs! I love seeing all those new blogs in my reader! I also got a chance to admit my blog stalkerness to the world.

Will the challenge change the way I blog? That’s likely. I’m very quiet and super shy so I rarely throw myself into situations that require me to communicate with people so my blog has always been a way for me to throw some random thoughts into one semi cohesive mass to communicate for me and overcome my social awkwardness. And of course, I throw in pictures to really glue the whole mess together. I probably will post a little bit more often but the main difference in blogging will be a slight shift from the fashion-centric blog I had before. I enjoyed doing a few more “personalized” posts during the challenge. Sure, the outfits and pictures in previous posts are definitely personal to me because they reflect little aspects of myself in some way or another… but I’d like to do things that kinda light up my creative side more and maybe share a few little tidbits about myself in the process.

Keep in touch everyone! :D

6-12 Blog

Kitties – [Neko Ladder by ::69::]
Hair – [Latha by Deviant Kitties]
Eyes – [Transparency Shine Eyes by Glanz]
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Gloves – [Grey Knit Arm Warmers by Argyle]
Dress & Stockings – [pUk Dress by Dutch Touch]
Straps – [Leather Body Straps by Atomic Kitty]
Shoes – [Chucks by Akeyo]
Pose from Imperial Elegance]

BBBC Day 7

Day 7: Blogger’s Choice. You pick something that’s important to you to talk about!

Well.. that’s a broad topic. :P Something that’s been on my mind lately.. thus making it important is the impending release of Wolf Parade’s new album. They are my most favorite band ever ever. I’m definitely a crazed fan girl when it comes to them. And since I was listening to some of the new tracks today I decided to make a Wolf Parade shirt for my avatar to wear in SL. Yus, I’m a geek.

So alongside the Wolf Parade tee I thought I’d lump some of my favorite things all into one picture. I have a thing for goggles and these new goggles I grabbed from ::69:: are my new favorites. I also <3 facial piercings. If you’ve seen my previous pictures, I’m rarely without them. So I saw that Electro Kitty had a new piercing available and it had so many options so I had to get it. I played around with them and kinda set up my favorite pairings together. I also love jeans and these are my favorite pair of jeans in SL, they are from League. And of course, my beloved chucks from Akeyo. This might be the closest I’m able to get my avatar to looking like my actual self… down to the hair actually which is that shade of pinky black right now. :D So now you know way too much about me. O.o

6-12 Blog

Hair by Truth
Goggles by ::69::
Piercings by Electro Kitty
Necklace from Curious Kitties
Tee by Me
Undershirt by BareRose
Cuffs by Atomic Kitty
Belt by First Flower
Jeans by League
Chucks by Akeyo

I know, I’m slacking on slurls >.< I’ll try to go back and fix them later. Promise!

BBBC Day 5 & 6

I had to take a day off yesterday… I had so much junk to catch up on that I didn’t have any time to blog. :( But I’m all caught up and ready to get back into the groove. And thanks to everyone who wished me well, I’m feeling tons better today and I think I’m out of the sickie woods now! Yay!

Day 5 – How hard do you think it is to find a relationship in SL? Where are people meeting each other?
Well, I’m married IRL so I’m off the market. But considering how infrequently I just run into random players it seems like unless you know where to look for real people, it’s a bit hard to find them.  Or maybe I just like going places that aren’t overrun by green dots because I’m anti-social.  Who knows? :P

Day 6 – Do you think it would be fun if we had random weather hit us in SL, like thunderstorms or blizzards?
I’d love to see weather effects. Maybe it’s my longing to see a real thunderstorm since I live in Sunnyville, USA and haven’t seen rain in months. I hate to compare World of Warcraft to SL because they are so different…. but… WoW has awesome weather effects and I love seeing fog roll into Feralas and then turn to sprinkles and then all out rain. It really is so much fun. At least Windlight gives the option of changing the feel of the sky with all of it’s options… so that’s something. (Of course, I logged into WoW to try and snap a pic of some of the random weather effects and well, emphasis on the random, it wasn’t raining anywhere! So here’s just a random pic of Feralas instead.)


BBBC Day 4

Day 4 – Where do you go to shop when you just need some retail therapy? Do you suffer from buyers remorse later? What is the most expensive thing in your inventory?

Deviant Kitties is my retail therapy of choice. I love every single style I have from DK and they are just so much fun to wear. Back when I was a noob (as opposed to today where I’m a highly functioning noob) I used to sit up in a skybox trying on DK demos, fantasizing about buying lindens and going on a shopping spree. I finally couldn’t take the temptation anymore and hair from DK was one of my first purchases and still where I go to drop lindens to make myself feel better. ^^

I don’t think I’ve ever had buyer’s remorse on any of my item purchases. But I’ve certainly had a touch of buyer’s remorse on some of my land purchases in the past. >.<

The most expensive things in my inventory are my Redemption Pistols from C-Tech but they were worth every penny.

BBBC Day 2 & 3

Yup, I’m full blown sick. My head feels like it’s going to explode into gooey chunks.

Since I didn’t answer the BBBC question from yesterday I’ll do both today. :)

Day 2: Do you have dreams about SL? If so, do you dream of SL as it is, or does it become more “real world?”

I only tend to dream about things when something is bothering me… so the only SL related dreams I’ve had have been more like nightmares. And SL definitely becomes more “real world” for me just because typically the issues I’ll think about and stress about would be things that would also be ones that would stress me out in RL… except perhaps lag. :P

Day 3: If there was one thing on the grid that you could snap your fingers and it would be gone forever, what would it be and why? It has to be something other than lag. ;)

The camera. OMG, I hate the camera in SL with a passion. I can’t even describe how much I hate the camera… but I’ll try. :P Even though it’s been several months that I’ve been in SL, I still HATE, HATE, HATE the camera. HATE. Coming from a game like WoW where the camera is very intuitive and very easy to use, the camera in SL is clunky and obnoxious. And don’t get me started on zooming! Argh!!! Also, I tend to get a little touch of motion sickness after exploring for too long in SL. Most of my WoW friends spend about 20 minutes complaining about the camera every time they log in. >.< The only thing I do like about it is being able cam to something from a long distance away. Other than that, HATE.

BBBC Day 1

Ok, I’m an admitted secret admirer/stalker/gawker of many SL bloggers. I’m wowed by their creativity, taste, writing skills and total kyootness. I don’t know how you all do it! As soon as I set out to write my blog I almost always hit a writer’s block and end up going, OMG, I lurve this. But anyways, I’m starting to hit that wall so I better get to the point before I keep blathering. One of my favorite bloggers to secretly admire is Alicia Chenaux. Her blogs are really fun to read and always interesting. So when she issued the challenge to bloggers to update daily, well, I thought I’d give it a shot… sure, only a handful of people know my blog exists, but oh well, I’m gonna do it anyways. ^^

So I’ll start with the question of the day which was:
Why did you decide to start blogging about your Second Life?”

I started my original blog within just a short time of entering Second Life. Once I figured out how to make myself not look like a Orientation Island reject (which I actually was as I got dumped in some random sim, very far away from Orientation Island, left to fend for myself), I really wanted to have a spot to show screenshots of the game and share some of my thoughts, finds, and random thoughts. I was really inspired by all the blogs I came across when I googled random SL related things and thought a blog would be the perfect spot to catalog my journey. I didn’t expect to keep up with it as my history with blogs is pretty bad, I’ve left many a blog abandoned to the wayside. But I’d say this one is here to stay. :D But my big thing with this blog is really to show pics of cool stuff… so here’s a random pic I dug out of my screenshots folder to end the post with. :D

6-6 Blog