BBBC Day 2 & 3

Yup, I’m full blown sick. My head feels like it’s going to explode into gooey chunks.

Since I didn’t answer the BBBC question from yesterday I’ll do both today. :)

Day 2: Do you have dreams about SL? If so, do you dream of SL as it is, or does it become more “real world?”

I only tend to dream about things when something is bothering me… so the only SL related dreams I’ve had have been more like nightmares. And SL definitely becomes more “real world” for me just because typically the issues I’ll think about and stress about would be things that would also be ones that would stress me out in RL… except perhaps lag. :P

Day 3: If there was one thing on the grid that you could snap your fingers and it would be gone forever, what would it be and why? It has to be something other than lag. ;)

The camera. OMG, I hate the camera in SL with a passion. I can’t even describe how much I hate the camera… but I’ll try. :P Even though it’s been several months that I’ve been in SL, I still HATE, HATE, HATE the camera. HATE. Coming from a game like WoW where the camera is very intuitive and very easy to use, the camera in SL is clunky and obnoxious. And don’t get me started on zooming! Argh!!! Also, I tend to get a little touch of motion sickness after exploring for too long in SL. Most of my WoW friends spend about 20 minutes complaining about the camera every time they log in. >.< The only thing I do like about it is being able cam to something from a long distance away. Other than that, HATE.

4 responses to “BBBC Day 2 & 3

  1. ah being sick is misery.. sorry to hear you are not well.. I think I spent most of the better half of 2 years being sick.. I’m JUST getting back to “normal”.. what ever that is.. So I know, being sick is a REAL drag!

    Get well soon, and if not, just ignore it, it will go away if you don’t give it any attention.. :P so says my husband..;)

  2. Alicia & AlterEgoTrip: Ty guys! I’m still feeling blech.. but it’s less blech then it was over the weekend so hopefully that means it’s on it’s way out. ^^

    Oz: I’m so glad someone else backs me up on the camera thing… all of my non-WoW friends act like I’m crazy to think the camera stinks. >.>

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