BBBC Day 4

Day 4 – Where do you go to shop when you just need some retail therapy? Do you suffer from buyers remorse later? What is the most expensive thing in your inventory?

Deviant Kitties is my retail therapy of choice. I love every single style I have from DK and they are just so much fun to wear. Back when I was a noob (as opposed to today where I’m a highly functioning noob) I used to sit up in a skybox trying on DK demos, fantasizing about buying lindens and going on a shopping spree. I finally couldn’t take the temptation anymore and hair from DK was one of my first purchases and still where I go to drop lindens to make myself feel better. ^^

I don’t think I’ve ever had buyer’s remorse on any of my item purchases. But I’ve certainly had a touch of buyer’s remorse on some of my land purchases in the past. >.<

The most expensive things in my inventory are my Redemption Pistols from C-Tech but they were worth every penny.

3 responses to “BBBC Day 4

  1. last night I got my first case of buyer’s remorse- it was for an inventory sorter kit.. and although the details were written down.. and I followed instructions I found it was not all I wanted it to be.. and I think I spent 20 or 40 lindens on it.. but the other things from Torment are actually good..and the creator seems to have a nice personality to back up his stuff with.. but man I am sad I got that item.. I was even going to give it away to my friends but when it messed up.. it really wasn’t fixable.. but it does put items away in nicely marked files.. but then I could have done that myself instead of being lazy and thinking a script could do that for me. BAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Nice to know you are feeling better :D

  2. Oz – I agree, there is not nearly enough boy hair out there. I was pretty bummed at the lack of choices I had when I was trying to outfit a boy toon. It was sadness.

    AlterEgoTrip – Ouch, I’ve been tempted by those inventory sorters.. I’m over 20k things now! Glad you warned me! Too bad there isn’t a quick fix lol! Guess I’ll just have to set myself down somewhere scenic and just take the time to sort it out.

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