Barely Lucid

I’m still sick… though I’m feeling just the slightest bit better.. but I am hopped up on meds so that may be clouding my judgment tricking me into thinking I feel better than I actually am.. which is fine by me! I hadn’t planned to log into SL today but I ended up having to take care of a few botched transactions so since I was already on I was lured to the 50% off sale at ::69:: The sale is only on today so get there while it’s still going on.. and be sure to check out the Succubus Pumps which are, by far, my pick for my favorite heels in SL. Even though I have almost all the shoes from ::69::, I couldn’t resist buying a cute pair of boots and a sweet pair of goggles before calling it a day.

Barely Lucid

Hoodie from *BP
Tank Top from Last Call
Leggings from Honey Kitty
Boots from ::69::
Bracelets from Kalico Kitty

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