BBBC Day 5 & 6

I had to take a day off yesterday… I had so much junk to catch up on that I didn’t have any time to blog. :( But I’m all caught up and ready to get back into the groove. And thanks to everyone who wished me well, I’m feeling tons better today and I think I’m out of the sickie woods now! Yay!

Day 5 – How hard do you think it is to find a relationship in SL? Where are people meeting each other?
Well, I’m married IRL so I’m off the market. But considering how infrequently I just run into random players it seems like unless you know where to look for real people, it’s a bit hard to find them.  Or maybe I just like going places that aren’t overrun by green dots because I’m anti-social.  Who knows? :P

Day 6 – Do you think it would be fun if we had random weather hit us in SL, like thunderstorms or blizzards?
I’d love to see weather effects. Maybe it’s my longing to see a real thunderstorm since I live in Sunnyville, USA and haven’t seen rain in months. I hate to compare World of Warcraft to SL because they are so different…. but… WoW has awesome weather effects and I love seeing fog roll into Feralas and then turn to sprinkles and then all out rain. It really is so much fun. At least Windlight gives the option of changing the feel of the sky with all of it’s options… so that’s something. (Of course, I logged into WoW to try and snap a pic of some of the random weather effects and well, emphasis on the random, it wasn’t raining anywhere! So here’s just a random pic of Feralas instead.)


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