BBBC Day 7

Day 7: Blogger’s Choice. You pick something that’s important to you to talk about!

Well.. that’s a broad topic. :P Something that’s been on my mind lately.. thus making it important is the impending release of Wolf Parade’s new album. They are my most favorite band ever ever. I’m definitely a crazed fan girl when it comes to them. And since I was listening to some of the new tracks today I decided to make a Wolf Parade shirt for my avatar to wear in SL. Yus, I’m a geek.

So alongside the Wolf Parade tee I thought I’d lump some of my favorite things all into one picture. I have a thing for goggles and these new goggles I grabbed from ::69:: are my new favorites. I also <3 facial piercings. If you’ve seen my previous pictures, I’m rarely without them. So I saw that Electro Kitty had a new piercing available and it had so many options so I had to get it. I played around with them and kinda set up my favorite pairings together. I also love jeans and these are my favorite pair of jeans in SL, they are from League. And of course, my beloved chucks from Akeyo. This might be the closest I’m able to get my avatar to looking like my actual self… down to the hair actually which is that shade of pinky black right now. :D So now you know way too much about me. O.o

6-12 Blog

Hair by Truth
Goggles by ::69::
Piercings by Electro Kitty
Necklace from Curious Kitties
Tee by Me
Undershirt by BareRose
Cuffs by Atomic Kitty
Belt by First Flower
Jeans by League
Chucks by Akeyo

I know, I’m slacking on slurls >.< I’ll try to go back and fix them later. Promise!

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