I wants

I’m feeling lazy… so I thought I’d ask everyone where you guys go for such items.

I want gloves, kinda hip, grungy, ripped, dirty gloves.  No opera gloves or ball gown gloves.  Short gloves preferably.  Fingerless a plus.

I want belts!  Any kinds of belts.. belts with doodads, belts with bullets, belts with monkeys.. anything goes really.  I like belts. :D

10 responses to “I wants

  1. I think if you take one of the glove/shirt templates and use photoshop with those free plug in filter forge filters with the “grunge” textures over the patterns you choose, you have yourself a pair of gloves, I would do that right now, but I’m coming down with a cold *YIPES* and I need to get some rest..

    You as a master of photoshop should really take it to another level- :D

  2. I tried some fancy skin with a hammered copper pattern, and the seams made me crazy!!! I totally understand..I did try to make henna tattoos last week also, but ended up just putting it on the skin directly instead.. maybe I can try it with an alpha and the glove template..

    I’m thinking with so much fashion flair that you have.. if you start making clothing, you may be a huge success.. I guess I have to wait and see :D but pants with leg sculpties.. cool!!! I really want to see this!!!

  3. I’ll send you a pair… I should warn you though, they are very, very basic and pretty craptastic. :P I used Rokuro for the sculpties since it was free but I think I’ll try something different next time because it’s very, very bare bones so there aren’t a lot of ways to manipulate sculpties in it.

  4. I like the riding gloves at +plus, short fingerless types. And belts, Refuge has great belts, so does :sey, Kyoot Army, and I just got some nice studded belts 5 colors 80 or 100L at Electro Kitty. I haven’t worn any of my doodad belts in ages though some of my most favorite are from Soap. If you want I will look and send you info. I think Soap got renamed.

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