Give me your eyes

***Eyes are no longer available, Miriel has been closed***

I went a bit nuts at Miriel. And I’m already planning a return trip because I need some red/orange eyes to add to my collection.

Edit: Weird, I just noticed that I didn’t exactly say anything about the eyes!  Ok, they are absolutely gorgeous and awesome and uber lovely.  I keep logging in just to look at my eyes. :D

On a semi-related note, did you know that eyes are the most mentioned body part in most genres of music? Hands were next on the list. I rather like music that mentions those two parts in a very odd or creepy way which has nothing to do with romance or love.

Miriel Eyes

Eyes by Miriel
Eyelashes by Cake

2 responses to “Give me your eyes

  1. since you like eyes, you think it would be ok if I send you a folder with the ones I made so you can see them, test them, critique them?

    As far as music goes, I was sometimes just going back on some stuff that my husband found.. but most of the time.. I listen to newer and older things.. just as the mood strikes me, but in SL I like that stream that I got with the moon radio gift from Kowloon City Sim..they play the same stream in some areas of Suffiugum too… sort of ambiance music.. with the sounds of running water and drills.. stuff like that.. not the elevator music of previous times ;)

  2. As soon as I get a chance to hop online I’ll check them out!! Thanks!! :D

    Admittedly, I listen mostly to a playlist of some of my most favorite bands and songs typically… but I do listen to the Indie station I have streaming on my land quite a bit of the time also since I’m a big fan of almost all the bands they play.

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