Moving on…

Yeah that title sounded all foreboding didn’t it? The other night I woke myself up with a terrible cough and couldn’t get back to sleep. And long story short, I haz a new house in a new spot! And for really the first time since I started SL I have my house on the ground! Very exciting. I have a cute little corner plot with ocean on both sides.  This really came at a good time for me because I was starting to grow a bit weary of SL in general… with the upcoming WoW expansion pack and Warhammer to keep my gaming time busy I was pretty much relegating SL to popping on for customer service issues. So yeah, woot for new digs!! Also a big woot to Fricker Fraker who made me feel super welcome to the neighborhood. :D

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better so I’m posting them both.

New Home! (colorized)

New Home! (b/w)


Although my original blog isn’t new.. this one is fresh and pretty and new looking so I thought I’d make an intro postish thing.

So yes… I am the entity behind the handle Fricka Morgath. I started playing Second Life Novemberish of 2007. Yes, I’m still really a newb.. even now. I’m an old hat at MMORPGs though… mainly World of Warcraft which is still my main gaming addiction. I don’t have any kind of graphic artsy talents but I like to pretend I can make pretty stuff so I make everyone suffer though my terrible designs which I like to sneak into pictures here and there. Some random facts about uh my SL.

* My favorite thing to do in Second Life is screenshots. I’m loathe to call it photography because it’s a screenshot. An awfully pretty, super cute and somewhat difficult to capture screenshot. And who doesn’t love to play dress up and vamp it up for pictures!
* The thing I hate the most in Second Life is the camera…. why, why, why, why can you not use the mouse to guide the camera?! WHY?!!!? I’ve tried to get some of my WoW buddies to play SL but they give up after 2 seconds because of the idiotic camera. Rawr. But I’m a bit more stalwart than they are so I kept plugging along… I still hate the camera but I do enjoy SL enough to make do.
* You probably have never seen me in Second Life.
* I like to shop from the roof instead of mingle. It’s a mixture of my inability to guide my toon around without crashing into people like an idiot and a bit of anti-socialness. Don’t take it personally if I slam into you or completely ignore you… I’m socially akward. :P
* I’ve never been to an SL club.
* I spend most of my SL time in my house… being anti-social.

I’ve become lazy so I snagged my questions that no one ever asked from my other blog… so here they are.. with a mix of slightly new and not new at all answers.

Why Second Life?
I’m certainly not playing Second Life for the reason a good deal of people are.. which is to say, I’m not looking for cyborz. I was introduced to the game on a dog forum I frequent. While I’ve yet to see any of them in the game, it was one poster’s initial description of the game that got me intrigued.. that and it was free. [Not for long I would soon find out]

So.. why Second Life?
I’m a girlie girl… I like to shop, I like to vamp around and I like cute stuff. Once I found that I could blow real money on virtual stuff, I was hooked. I’ve always been drawn to costume-ish, anime-ish clothing and hair but sadly they aren’t the most practical for day to day activities… Second Life let’s me wear all that crazy stuff without anyone batting an eye. One of my biggest beefs with WoW is the inability to customize. Granted my toons have no lack of all the evening wear that one can come by. But, not being able to make that dress a mini or change colors has always been a mild annoyance to me. Second Life gives the ability to customize absolutely everything.. almost to the point of overwhelming.

Your grasp on punctuation is tenuous at best; what is with all the ellipses?
I iz gud at grammarz….. bite my ellipses.

Why a blog?
Blogs were a huge help when I first wandered, scared and alone, into the world. I found out where to go to get some freebies so I didn’t look terrifying. I’ve since then used blogs as a jumping off point to find things in game that I was looking for. I’m writing this mostly for myself to keep track of all the goodies I’ve found and as a place to document some of my comings and goings and the fantastic fashions I’m sporting.

Will you keep up with this blog?
My blogs are epic fail. I’m boring and I tend to use them as a ranting platform or just provide zero content. If you are into that kind of thing, I’m the blog for you!