Moving on…

Yeah that title sounded all foreboding didn’t it? The other night I woke myself up with a terrible cough and couldn’t get back to sleep. And long story short, I haz a new house in a new spot! And for really the first time since I started SL I have my house on the ground! Very exciting. I have a cute little corner plot with ocean on both sides.  This really came at a good time for me because I was starting to grow a bit weary of SL in general… with the upcoming WoW expansion pack and Warhammer to keep my gaming time busy I was pretty much relegating SL to popping on for customer service issues. So yeah, woot for new digs!! Also a big woot to Fricker Fraker who made me feel super welcome to the neighborhood. :D

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better so I’m posting them both.

New Home! (colorized)

New Home! (b/w)