Springy LoTD

I haven’t been around much lately.. my wrists have been killing me so I’m trying to scale back my computer usage. Which has been freakin’ ridiculously hard to do. I never realized how much time I spend with the computer even in my free time.

Seams have been my nemesis everytime I’ve gone to try to make clothes. I decided to try something easy instead of going for something complicated like a shirt and pants (which I’ve done in the past and failed miserably). So I made some knee socks. And they turned out pretty decent so I put together an outfit to go with them.  I had grabbed this cute sundress last month but with all the snowy wintery goodness I held off on wearing it until the virtual snow melted. :P

Spring LoTD

Hair – [Bridget by ETD]
Skin by me
Eyes – [Colour Flawed Jade by AET]
Lollypop – [Heart Lollipop by PinkFuel]
Dress – [Oleana Dress by anuenue]
Bracelet – [Free bracelet from UnTone Quilt]
Knee socks by me
Shoes – [PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops by Urban Bomb Unit]