Springy LoTD

I haven’t been around much lately.. my wrists have been killing me so I’m trying to scale back my computer usage. Which has been freakin’ ridiculously hard to do. I never realized how much time I spend with the computer even in my free time.

Seams have been my nemesis everytime I’ve gone to try to make clothes. I decided to try something easy instead of going for something complicated like a shirt and pants (which I’ve done in the past and failed miserably). So I made some knee socks. And they turned out pretty decent so I put together an outfit to go with them.  I had grabbed this cute sundress last month but with all the snowy wintery goodness I held off on wearing it until the virtual snow melted. :P

Spring LoTD

Hair – [Bridget by ETD]
Skin by me
Eyes – [Colour Flawed Jade by AET]
Lollypop – [Heart Lollipop by PinkFuel]
Dress – [Oleana Dress by anuenue]
Bracelet – [Free bracelet from UnTone Quilt]
Knee socks by me
Shoes – [PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops by Urban Bomb Unit]

3 responses to “Springy LoTD

  1. Alpha mentioned using something called “AvPainter” as an extention to Photoshop, its not a “fix everything” device but she mentions that seams on skin and on clothing is something it can fix and save time with. I wasn’t prepared to buy one though because the cost is over 2000 lindens on SLX- if I could try out the demo, which I don’t see anywhere I would probably get you the real one as a gift, but thats only because I’m not so good with things as you are, and you DESERVE something!!! If its of interest to you, let me know. Ok? :D

  2. Oh my goodness, you are too sweet!! I remember reading about AvPainter on Natalia Zelmanov’s blog a loooong time ago but figured I’d never be making clothes, I might have to try out the demo and see how it works, sounds pretty neat! At least I have the test grid to trial out stuff before committing on the regular grid lol. What I’ve started to do is just draw lines on a blank background where I want my seams to be and then just tweak until I get it close. That really helped with getting the seams on these socks pretty close. I’ve also started using a fill tool to make sure I don’t get any halos this time and that is working out great.

  3. Yeah I was talking with Alpha again about that, those white halos if you don’t use TGA and do the seams just right, it was something to do with making certain that the pattern was exactly the correct size itself that you got the right size.. and it seems to be easy to see with a darker skin as the base. I realize I’ve bought clothes that had that edge showing too.. so I knew what she was talking about.

    I realize with this AvPainter, you don’t even have to go to the test grid to fix stuff, and it paints contours for sculpties as well .. obviously one can do these things with trial and error, but if something directly saves time, its really worth while. I wonder how much virtual memory such a gadget takes up!! Must be allot!

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