Here’s a quick picture post with new goodies from Lazy Places, Lolapop!, Shine and lamb!

Laze 1

Laze 2

Shoes by Lazy Places
Necklace & Bracelet by Lolapop!
Eyes by Shine
Hair by lamb
Lashes by Cake
Skin by me
Horns by Illusions
Sweater by Pig
Tank by
Skirt by Sn@tch
Socks by Scribble
Piercing by ellabella (modified)

When Pigs Fly

Pig is having a 50% off sale right until tomorrow night and there are many bargains to be had.  I kind of went nuts, I just really loved the hand drawn goodness.  And, men’s wear!  Men really get slighted in SL and there’s precious few unique looks to be found and I think Pig offers some quirky men’s clothing that shouldn’t be missed.  So without further ado…

Pig Sale 1

Pig Sale 3

Pig Sale 2

All Clothing by Pig
Hair by Friday
Horns by House of Ruin
Eyes by AET & House of Ruin
Piercing by ellabella
Shoes by SLink

All clothing by Pig
Hair by Gritty Kitty
Eyes by House of Ruin
Shoes by Akeyo
Skin by me (unreleased)

Pose by Persona
Background Texture by

LoTD 4-12

All kinds of goodness today!!  I have on a lot of my personal favorites today that I think are so worthy of more attention and accolades!  I’ll start off with House of Ruin, I pretty much exclusively wear Ruina’s eyes because they are hands down the most unique and stunning eyes I’ve ever come across in SL.  She also makes some of my favorite horns in SL too!  Next up is Lolapop!  Lola makes such super cute creations and offers them at ridiculously cheap prices, if you haven’t checked out her shop, do yourself a favor and see all the goodies she has to offer.  I’ve started to sport a mix of horns and elf ears in my looks as of late and my go to ears have always been from Illusions because I just love them.  In other news, House of Munster is back!  I’ve always loved her hair and best of all, it always fits me straight out of the box!  I usually have to mod the living daylights out of hair to make it fit my odd shaped head.  I’m super glad to see she’s back to creating and look forward to seeing new things from her!  I’m certain you’ve heard of Silent Sparrow, but Hya’s designs always merit credit!  I’m wearing her lucky bird outfit with a corset from Sn@tch underneath and like everything she makes, it’s stunning.  And a quick mention of the uber cute socks from Pig, which may or may not be available anymore since they were part of the Starlust hunt.. and the adorably cute shoes from Smersh which is a new to me store that I hope to see more footwear out of!  You know, it never ceases to amaze me the level of creativity and artistry I find in SL, you guys are truly talented!  So there you have it, go shopping!

LoTD 4-12

Hair by House of Munster
Eyes & Horns by House of Ruin
Ears by Illusions
Necklace & Piercing by Lolapop!
Outfit & Tattoo by Silent Sparrow
Black Corset by Sn@tch
Black Gloves by TRAP
Socks by Pig
Shoes by Smersh