Whoops, I totally meant to post this last night and apparently didn’t hit publish. /facepalm  Anyhoo, Sn@tch had a super sale this weekend and I decided to indulge in a few goodies for my rez day! If you missed the sale, don’t fret, the usual prices are extremely reasonable for the sheer amount of goodness you get.  And yeah, I used way, way too dark of a background for this picture.. I just failed yesterday lol.

LoTD 11-8

Hair by
Horns by House of Ruin <3
Eyes by House of Ruin
Skin by {Frick} (Group Gift)
Piercing by ellabella
Necklace by Otaku Designs
Top, Skirt &amp; Leggings by Sn@tch
Boots by Lazy Places
Pose by

All’s Quiet

Today was my first day alone in two weeks, I even sent my husband out to go play with friends so I could have some “me” time.  It felt nice, quiet and just the teeniest bit lonely.  Unfortunately the reasons behind my full house weren’t exactly happy ones but despite that, it was nice seeing my fam again but I think we all were quite happy to get back to our regularly scheduled programs.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to jump back into SL a bit more now that home life has settled down a bit. :D


Hair by .lamb
Horns by Illusions
Ears by SLink
Eyes by House of Ruin
Piercing by Deviant Kitties
Necklace by Otaku Designs
Tattoo by Otaku Designs
Top by Last Call (no longer available)
Skirt by Tuli
Flowers by itutu

VSM Quick!

Last week I had one of the most amazing days of my life… I got to see Sunset Rubdown live and I’m still all warm and glowy from it… even though about two and half seconds after I got home from said day I became sick with who knows what manner of flu/cold/grossness.  At any rate, those two things combined have been the reason behind my absence but I’m tentatively back.  I’m not feeling 100% yet but I’m getting there.  Anyone know a home remedy for clearing up a stuffy ear?  I’ve been trying decongestants but at the moment they aren’t doing anything and this is the most annoying feeling.

All that aside, I did have a reason behind this blog and it was to give a last minute notice that the Vendor Support Month event ends tonight so if there was anything you absolutely wanted from it, best go now!  Here were two of my favorites, the piercing from Ommik and the necklace from Otaku.  Some other highlights are the skins and t-shirts from The Stringer Mausoleum, the dress from +++BLUE BLOOD+++, the cute pose set from Piffou! and of course my skins/cami set at {Frick}! (shameless self promotion, I know)  Most of the things available are an awesome deal at only L$ 10 so get out there before it ends!

lotd 6-30

VSM Items:
Piercing by Ommik
Necklace by Otaku Designs

Other Items:
Horns by House of Ruin
Hair by House of Munster
Eyes by EYeL@B (AlterEgoTrip Svenska & Ruina Kessel)
Tattoo by Otaku Designs
shirt and skin by me