Whoops, I totally meant to post this last night and apparently didn’t hit publish. /facepalm  Anyhoo, Sn@tch had a super sale this weekend and I decided to indulge in a few goodies for my rez day! If you missed the sale, don’t fret, the usual prices are extremely reasonable for the sheer amount of goodness you get.  And yeah, I used way, way too dark of a background for this picture.. I just failed yesterday lol.

LoTD 11-8

Hair by
Horns by House of Ruin <3
Eyes by House of Ruin
Skin by {Frick} (Group Gift)
Piercing by ellabella
Necklace by Otaku Designs
Top, Skirt &amp; Leggings by Sn@tch
Boots by Lazy Places
Pose by

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