Rez Day

Well it’s been a year since I dipped my pixel toes into SL for the first time. It’s been an adventure.. sometimes good, sometimes bad, occasionally weird. But overall, it’s been a blast. I really credit SL for getting me in touch with my more creative side and for that, it will always hold a special little spot for me. I really hadn’t had much opportunity to express myself creatively and SL has kinda pushed me to try to learn new things and that’s been really awesome. And I’ve also met some very awesome, super creative and just all around fantastic people.. and that’s saying a lot because I’m horrifyingly shy. So happy rezday to me and I hope I’m still here blogging away in another year. :D

And just a little reminder of the past.. here’s a little picture tour. :P Ah, memories lol.

Straight out of Orientation Island FrickaM.. cybergoth newb.

After hitting the Freebie wall at NCIFreebie Fricka

The first things I bought after I gave in and purchased lindens.Lindens were spent 2!

And this is probably one of my favorite pictures of my avatar. ^^;Portrait