Rez Day

Well it’s been a year since I dipped my pixel toes into SL for the first time. It’s been an adventure.. sometimes good, sometimes bad, occasionally weird. But overall, it’s been a blast. I really credit SL for getting me in touch with my more creative side and for that, it will always hold a special little spot for me. I really hadn’t had much opportunity to express myself creatively and SL has kinda pushed me to try to learn new things and that’s been really awesome. And I’ve also met some very awesome, super creative and just all around fantastic people.. and that’s saying a lot because I’m horrifyingly shy. So happy rezday to me and I hope I’m still here blogging away in another year. :D

And just a little reminder of the past.. here’s a little picture tour. :P Ah, memories lol.

Straight out of Orientation Island FrickaM.. cybergoth newb.

After hitting the Freebie wall at NCIFreebie Fricka

The first things I bought after I gave in and purchased lindens.Lindens were spent 2!

And this is probably one of my favorite pictures of my avatar. ^^;Portrait

7 responses to “Rez Day

  1. I love seeing the progression of your Avatar there.. I have to wonder how silly mine looked.. even though I had personalized mine right out from the moment I found the edit appearance interface.. I was also on the street by the flying lesson place looking around trying hard to pick up the loose clothing that I saw in the dumpster (just trying to get a better set of clothes) and then I found I could alter and make stuff myself in that same time I found the interface.. but still.. I did get stuck on one of these stupid exersizes on newbie island.. and eventually I got unstuck and then got back in to get teleported off by a friend..

    thus started my education.. I guess I would have never found a way off if my friend hadn’t tp’d me that I think about it.. I probably would have looked up a place a saw in a video and just go there… I didn’t find any freebies myself until maybe a few weeks later.

    Its hard to believe you litterally have gotten so far under such a short amount of time.. you must not only be extremely creative, but some kind of genius too :D

  2. I have to credit blogs for helping me find my way in the second world. Natalia Zelmanov’s blog was indispensable for pointing me in the right direction and from there I found out about the fashion feed and all that kind of fun stuff. I think had I not found such a rich community actually outside of the game, I’m not sure I would have continued in the game as long as I did. I have a tendency to get bored pretty easily. :)

    And you totally flatter me AET. *blush* Thank you! :D

  3. You are totally welcome! :)

    I have to also credit bloggs for finding my way around the appearance thing.. had I not read Fab Free.. I would never have known about much of the things out there.. such as Another Skin, Frick Skins and so many more shops that had cool looking freebies.. sadly I didn’t know about some offers that would have been suitable for a noobie.. such as free hair for those under 30 days.. because I think I was about 3 weeks old when I dared to try new skin outside of some Loreal makeup skin.

    I tried it and was litterally ATTACKED by it. There was some kind of glitch with that skin.. I got it at Greenies one of my first stops ever brought to me there by friends and had the chance to explore.. one of my first few days.. and it was the only free skin object I found at the time and when I tried it.. because I did understand the “wear” and “take off” stuff.. this skin would sometimes just show up when it wasn’t even being worn!! It made me scared of skin!!! About 3 weeks later I tried an “Another skin” and I was blown away at how beautiful it was..and how many varients there were too.. so if people say “free skins” kill the market.. I say No.. it gives people a chance to explore the market.. and develope a style… finding your skins was kind of cool too you know, it was a very unique “voice” in the crowd of style..

    And I am still in awe that you started so fast.. and how you made up your mind, and focused and learned stuff so fast.. I am sorry if sometimes I sound cheezy when I say stuff.. but I see with you that you do get bored after a while and then something inside just errupts with a really impressive new idea. I rarely in the professional world of artists or musicians people professionally attempting to reach farther and just maybe, a person gets a new idea once a year, not several times a season.

    I think this is what I need and what I like about you.. its like I see you can get stuck but that “stuck” is only momentary.. as if when you have the time to focus, you really go somewhere else.

    And if you have seen Fab Free lately.. its pretty sad to see such a strong blogg so dead :( without Hazel’s imput, it really lacks something.. her and Cher were such a good team.. I thought it was hopeful with newer bloggers, but its really making me sad to see it just not update after a few days.. when it used to have at least one or two posts a day… they also really inspired me, Fab Hazel most of all and now her profile says she doesn’t blogg anymore :(


  4. Hehehehee… I remember the first thing I wanted to do in SL was change my skin. I don’t know exactly how I ended up with the “CyberGoth” look but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind lol. If it hadn’t been for freebies I don’t think I would have stuck around SL for very long. I think freebies are awesome… it’s like a free demo of the person’s products and I don’t see anything wrong with that. People will spend money on something they want and not spend it when they don’t want to regardless of the amount of stuff out there. I had resolved to only wear freebies when I started out and I did… for like a month lol. But I just couldn’t pass up throwing a few dollars to the super creative designers out there and I feel like I probably echo the sentiment of quite a few shoppers out there.

    OOooooh, Hazel has a new blog!! I was shamelessly googling myself (that sounds terrible lol) and I saw that she had blogged my newest dollarbies somewhere other than FabFree! Here’s the link! And I have to say, I think she looks awesome and her pictures look fantastic on her new blog. :D

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