Still Around

*Caution, emo post ahoy*

I’m still around….  I just haven’t really been in the mood for SL.  Lately I’ve been plagued by a huge amount of self doubt about what I’m trying to do in SL and it’s really keeping me from logging in on a more regular basis.  It seems like I keep making heaps of new stuff that I love initially but then doubt creeps in and I end up filing it away forever more.  I have a serious fear of failure and honestly, most everything I’ve done lately seems to be made of fail so it’s become easier to just forget about whatever I’ve made instead of going to the trouble of trying to sell it and watching it tank.  For months now I’ve been wanting to replace all my old shit with new and better stuff but as much as I loathe even having that stuff there anymore I can’t bring myself to remove it because those cheap things are the only things I seem to sell, much to my dismay.  It’s sad and depressing and it is making me really emo and whiny.  I’m also very tired as I have stayed up way too late the past few nights and it’s making me cranky.

So I made a hot pink dress and bought new hair and shoes to make myself feel better.  It worked a little bit.  Until some random person, out of the blue, dropped a skin demo on me without so much as a hello while I was out shopping.  At first I thought, wow, wtf… but at the same time I was rather amazed at their unabashed self promotion and I kinda wish I had the cajones to approach total strangers and pimp my wares like that.  I never would though… ’cause it was kinda tacky and I never demo with strangers.

new dress

Hair by Gritty Kitty
Horns and Eyes by House of Ruin
Shoes by Miel
Skin and Dress by me

5 responses to “Still Around

  1. People randomly dropping demos on strangers usually are selling ripped skins, very possibly from the store you were in. It not cajones so much as a lack of brains.

    I also appreciate the self-doubt thing. At this point, I’ve thought about making my daily avatar be something unattractive to people will leave me alone.

    • I totally thought ripped as well until I saw this person blogged quite a few times on the feed. :S I guess either way, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth towards this particular vendor.

  2. Oh Fricka, I love your skins so much, I would prefer them over most of any other skins on the grid anytime. They are so beautiful and full of character and for most of my not-so-usual shots I find one of your skins that exactly fits and conveys the mood I wanted. I can’t wait to see your new stuff! :)

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