My store is pretty much done now.. it’s been done for a few days but I just am not ready to reopen yet.  I don’t know exactly what it is, I’m just not feeling it.  Maybe tomorrow.  I’ve pretty much found anything else to do besides fuss with this stupid store.  I just fail so hard at building, textures, etc that it was not a rewarding process.  I feel like the store doesn’t have much of my personality infused into it at all.  It just turned out so freakin’ generic that I’m a little bleh about the whole thing.  I’ve got some heavy stuff going on irl and effing around with frustrating crap like SL just isn’t what I want to do in my free time.. I’d rather zone out and play WoW or anything else.  Oh well, that’s good enough for now I guess.  I think it would take a move to a real sim (someone else’s real sim) instead of mainland where I could have my store on the ground before I could make a go of a new build.  Seriously, what is up with mainland looking like such crap?  Why is it always littered with a zillion pieces of crap as far as the eye can see?

It’s not much of a surprise that I spent more time riding around on the WonderCycle than actually messing with my store.  I also built my husband’s avatar into a wall when he got up to go get pizza. >.>


So blaaahh.


New Druid Cat forms in WoW.  Completely unrelated, but look!  I’m so pretty.

Druid Cat Form 1

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