BBBC Day 2

Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like.

Most days in SL are pretty good for me really.  But the perfect day would definitely be one that was completely without responsibility.  No irate IMs to greet me, no vaguely titled notecards containing a demand to get something for free, no “urgent” stuff, just me logging in to have fun or work without having to worry about my virtual store being burnt to the ground by an angry mob.  Also on my list of wishes for this perfect day, I’d like to have all my uploads work, all my textures load quickly and properly, teleports work every single time, hair that fits perfectly right out of the box, my letter to *finally* come up on the Happy Mood lucky chair so I can get those bubble chairs I’ve been coveting and waiting and waiting for…. and I’ll take some cake too.  ^^

I do have a confession to make, once in a blue moon I’ll log into an alt I made a while back to just get away from it all… usually I’ll do this after something upsetting happened with a rude person or sometimes after a new release just to get a little peace and quiet.  Sometimes you just have to escape from your escape lol.

my alt

Hair by Truth (freebie)
Eyes by Shine (DSN gift)
Piercing by Ommik (VSM item)
Hoodie by Atomic (previous group gift)
(my alt is freebie hoar)

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