BBBC Day 1

Yay, it’s the return of Alicia Chenaux‘s Big Bad Blogger Challenge!  I really enjoyed doing these posts last year as well as exploring the other blogs of others who were participating.  I was introduced to several new blogs that I still read today.

Alicia’s topic for today was: How long have you been a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I’ve blogged in various forms for maybe 3 or so years but I’ve been at this particular blog since Decemberish ’07.  I started it as a way to chronicle my little adventures in Second Life and to show off some of the snapshots I’d taken in the game.  This blog has evolved somewhat since then and has become more of an outlet for my own personal expression.  The blog is still mostly about Second Life but I throw in a few posts about World of Warcraft here and there as well as posts about my own personal trials and travails as I’ve gotten into the world of creating.  Blogging has provided a much needed outlet for me to just jot down what I’m up to.. no matter how interesting or mundane that might be.  Just the process of writing things down for future reflection, reference or what have you is very cathartic for me and that’s probably one of the main things that has me coming back to it even after the occasional break.  At any rate, that’s my spiel for today!

Oh yeah, I like to post snapshots of my avatar.  ^^;

Eyes by House of Ruin
Hair by Magika
Piercing by ellabella

2 responses to “BBBC Day 1

  1. Man, you always look so positively *SMASHING*! <3

    I posted on my own blog, trying to figure out HOW to bring myself back to blogging regularly. I used to keep a diary for a long time, and pretty regularly. And then I just … stopped. I don't know what it was that stopped me from trying to put down my thoughts, but I'm very rusty these days. All of which is to say, reading this actually helped! haha :D … funny how others input can really help form thoughts into something a bit more coherent than the weird smoke trails they seem to be in my head ;)

    • I think it’s the amazing eyes that make that look! <3 Seriously, have I mentioned how much I love the contacts option! It's so fun to mix and match them!

      This is really the first blog that has managed to withstand my ridiculously short attention span. I drop stuff all the time and I'm pretty flighty when it comes to doing anything for a long period of time. I really think the main inspiration for this blog is definitely the radness that I come across in SL nearly everyday. It's enough new and fresh to keep me coming back. I think the beauty of a blog is it's all yours to talk about anything you want to. There aren't a lot of people RL that I would go on about SL to, but in this blog I can totally go on and on without worrying about getting this look of horror from the person I'm talking to.. and that alone is totally worth it! I think I have rambled for a bit here… time for bed! ^^

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