I’ve had a rough past few weeks.  Between some sad RL issues and some WoW drama I’m just mentally wiped out.  There’s so much I’ve been meaning to get done in SL but I’ve just been consumed lately.  I finally had a few minutes to log in and actually change my avatar’s clothes!  And since I’m in a fairly angry kind of mood, I think my look kinda reflected that.   Hopefully once the drama sorts itself out I’ll be back to blogging and what not.  Until then, I’m still around.. just kinda tired and bitchy so beware. :D

LoTD 2/1 

Hair – [Scene Queen by Deviant Kitties] (tinted)
Eyes & skin by me
Lashes – [Bedroom Lashes by Cake]
Piercings –  [Face Piercing by ElectroKitty]
Choker – [Laced Love by Paradisis]
Outfit – [De/konstrukt by MekaNoiZe Labs]
Belt – [Saddlebags by AVZ]
Nails – [Nails and Melee Claws by Gianetti]
Bracers – [Symbiote Cuffs by SiniStyle]
Leggings – [Colorable Stripe Legwarmers by Curious Kitties]
Boots – [Wrapped Boots by AVZ]

3 responses to “/Sigh

  1. You look amazing, as usual!

    Sorry to hear things have you down sweetie. This too shall pass though, you know? *hugs*

  2. ah, be well, and hope things clear up- I still want to put together a group of “all drama all the time” with weekly venting “Bitch-a-Thons” a “safe” way to vent without feeling as though you have to be polite..cos sometimes when people take allot of crap and never express it, it makes it feel worse, ya know..

    I’m not telling you to cheer up.. (its your right to be angry or bitchy) I’m gonna say that I missed you around though.

  3. Aww, Fricka… As I tell others and try to remember myself, those that truly care will wait, for your real needs come first. You’ve got to take care of yourself first before you can tend to others. So do what *you* need to do.

    And if anyone gives you trouble, I’ll go Flava Frick on them. >:D

    P.S. Thank you so much for the skins! <3 I have used them in recent pictures but need to give them more attention.

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