16 things

I was tagged by Cerrie so here’s my list!


16 Random things about Me:

1. Cereal is probably my favorite food.

2. I don’t like to watch movies because I can’t make the time committement to sit through an entire one. I get fidgety.

3. I have two very spoiled dogs.

4. I downloaded the Handsome Furs leak and I don’t feel bad about it. I had already pre-ordered the album.

5. I have a weird fear of water that I can’t see the bottom of.

6. I’m extremely shy. It’s been a huge problem for me and continues to plague me still. Over everything in life, it’s what I battle the most everyday. It also bleeds into my online persona.

7. I am perpetually hot and have to keep the air down to 60 to be anywhere near comfortable.

8. I play World of Warcraft pretty much every evening with my husband and a slew of my family and rl friends.  Gaming gets such a bad rap and it annoys me because WoW plays such a huge part in keeping me in touch with friends and family I’ve moved away from.

9. My desk is extremely messy and it drives me nuts but no matter how I try to clean it up, it is messy within a few hours.

10. I might have a small crush on Spencer Krug. It’s fan girly and super geeky, but his music has really changed me.

11. I love watching the Food Network but I don’t cook very often.

12. I own a ton of makeup but I usually end up using the same couple of products.

13.  I try to write as often as possible but I have to be in the zone, right music, right temperature of the room, etc. I mostly do short stories, but I’ve dipped my pen into everything from erotica to technical manuals. I’d just like to say that my poor blogging is not reflective of my usual writing. :P

14. If I could get away with it, my hair would always be an outrageous color.

15.  I sometimes will listen to the same song on repeat all day for a few days. When I love something I can get a little obsessive.

16. I curse like a sailor and I’m particularly fond of the f-word. I also have amazing self restraint. :P

One response to “16 things

  1. 5- Although I don’t have this, I note that many people do, I have a fear when I can actually SEE through the ice, its like freakng walking on glass, and you wonder when its going to give way.. and this messes me up..its much less scary if I can’t see it at all and then feel it breaking (YIPES!!)

    14 ME TOO!! 13.. I have to be in that Zone for a while before I start working out design problems and do paintings.. its like you start looking around the room, and you get really sensitive and then suddenly instead of doing something, you end up cleaning instead (then there is the DESK of doom, hahah, but I have a “room of doom” but the desk is quite clean ;))

    Thanks for sharing :) I could go on but I’ve got to clean something :P

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