I took a nasty spill a few days ago and pretty much seriously effed up my back. I’m not normally the most agile of creatures but throw in something scaring the crap out of me and I’ve got a serious accident on my hands… the sad part, this is the second time I’ve fallen as a result of being startled. >.< At any rate, sitting is really painful and standing is akin to torture so my time online is going to be as long as I can bare it.. which right now, is just about to wear off. Just wanted to type a little note so everyone knew why I’ve gone missing.

Now I’m going to go lay down.

5 responses to “Absent

  1. The heat relaxes the muscles around the injured area, it lets the blood flow heal the area naturally too by letting more flow and oxygen in there.. just rest and don’t strain that area.. and you should be fine, even if it takes a while.. if there is no really huge damage.. I’m glad you are feeling much better!

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