Survey Time!

I’m a sucker for surveys so here are my answers to the SCD one.

1. When you hear about a new release, which are you most likely to run out and buy: hair, shoes, or clothes?
-Clothes for sure. I can’t resist new stuff, it’s so shiny.

2. Skin choice: pale, tan, coloured (like green), or dark? Blond, brown, red, or black hair?
-Super pale goth skin. My hair is never the same color for very long but I own more hair in white than any other color.

3. Which event do you most likely put on your calendar: fashion show, live concert, store sale, sim opening, club contest, or a class?
-Store sale… I’m a shy recluse, you’ll never see me where there is a crowd unless it is super freakin’ awesome.

4. What’s your ideal SL™ job?
-One where I’m showered with money for doing nothing. :P

5. Sexy clothing preference: silks, lingerie, or revealing clothing(mini skirts, super tight dresses, etc)?
-Retro pinup style lingerie

6. Facial hair on male avies (or yourself, if you are male): yea or nay?
-Nay, 5 o’clock shadow is the limit for me.

7. Land home or skybox?
-Skybox unfortunately, the land area near me is icky to look at.

8. Decorating your walls: SL™ photos, objects, RL photos, or RL art?
-RL art.

9. Do you prefer to own land or rent?
-Own. Even though I hate where I live.

10. Small boutiques or large stores?
-Small boutiques or I will get lost and go home.

11. Photo-realistic skins and clothing or hand-drawn?
-Hand-drawn. Photo-realistic creeps me out just a little bit. Though I do like photo-real jeans.

12. For your one-on-one conversations, do you prefer voice or typed chat?
-Typed chat, I’ve never actually tried voice, nor do I want to. O.o

13. Prim objects or sculpties?
-Prims for anything requiring movement, sculpties for everything else. I loves me some sculpty shoes.

14. Bling, effect sounds, and particle effects: on or off?
-Do Not Want!

15. (If you use one) What photostudio do you like best?
-I’m cheap, I just use a little hollowed out box

16. Face light: necessary or blinding?
-Never left home without it until I started using the Caliah Lyon windlight settings, now I almost never use one. Which is why I probably look terrible to everyone else. >.<

17. Do you pick up all the freebies you find or only pick the ones from designers you know?
-I used to horde every single freebie ever but now I’m a tad bit more selective mostly out of laziness.

18. Pre-fab buildings: do you own one? Do you like them?
-Own one and I like it since I’ve retextured it.

19. Would you rather be a Furry or Tiny?
-Tiny, they are cute.

20. Graphic settings: Short draw distance or long? Release Candidate or standard viewer? Avatar imposters (yes/no)?
-Short draw, I don’t like to know I’m surrounded by dozens of wooden prims when I’m at home. RC & yes.

21. Sim design: tropical island, residential neighborhood, urban streets, or themed fantasy (or another type I didn’t think of)?
-Themed fantasy

22. When not in a club or concert, do you stream music or turn it off?
-I’ll test out the stream if I’m not already listening to something just to see what other people are into. I’m a music junkie.

23. Flickr: Woot? Ick? (add me as a contact so I can see your stuff!)
-Zomg, woot. I <3 Flickr.

24. What’s your favorite place to explore or hang out (that isn’t a shopping area)?
-Lash’s La Reve.

25. Animation Overriders: Do you prefer to make your own or buy a set? And where’s the best place to go for them? (I’m actually shopping around for another, so this is a selfish question
-I use a combo of premade sets from Cova AO & ANA_Mations.


I’m a sucker for surveys and despite most people hating them with a passion.. they amuse me! I actually love seeing everyone else’s answers to these.. it’s just kinda fluff reading which is fun. It’s also nice to see the person behind the blogger/avatar/enigma/etc. And.. this is my personal blog so nyah. :P

Here’s how it works:
1. Go to (don’t sign in)
2. Type in your answer to the question in the search box.
3. Use only the first page to look for the appropriate answer.
4. Copy the HTML and paste under the question for the answer

1. What’s your name?

2. Relationship status?

3. Favourite colour?

4. What are you listening to right now?
Sunset Rubdown

5. Favourite movie?
Good the bad and the ugly

6. Where is your dream vacation?

7. What’s your favourite dessert?
red velvet cake.

8. One word to describe yourself…

9. Your eye colour is…

10. The last book you read…

11. Night or day?

12. Oranges or apples?
Green Apple

13. Chocolate or vanilla?