Glorious Horns

Spotlighting some newness here at the end of April. First up, horns, glorious horns! These amazing horns come from a collab between Aikea Reiko & Selos Dae and are currently available at the Fantasy Faire. There are a billion options and you can tint every option to further customize to your heart’s content. Next up, Sakuradawn Lei is back and has a new pose shop named Ex-Posed where she has a bunch of fun bento poses! I love how the hands look (especially with the crazy long nails from EMPIRE) in this particular pose from the Cassie set. I also appreciate that she does mirrors of all poses. And last up, me! I’ve made some new nail polish appliers that I hope to have available everywhere soon! And I’m also tweaking some non-human skin tones (like this pic’s deep teal) for an eventual release.. maybe.. hopefully.

Glorious Horns

Horns by [The Plastik & TRAP] (Aikea Reiko & Selos Dae) @ Fantasy Faire
Ears & Faun Legs by [TRAP & Gauze] (Selos Dae & Yukio Ida)
Hair by Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon)
Eyes by {Frick} Fricka Morgath
Dragon by *katat0nik* (katat0nik.pidgeon)
Tattoo by ~silentsparrow~ (hyasynth Tiramisu)
Necklaces & Arm Jewelry by The Plastik (Aikea Reiko)
Arm Bands by Moon Elixir (MoonCelestia & ElixirBlack)
Rings by Amala (crystalny)
Wrist Cuffs by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)
Bikini by Blueberry (Blueberryxx)
Pose by Ex-Posed (Sakuradawn Lei)
Background by Meva (Mea Carnell)
Mesh Head by LAQ (Mallory Cowen)
Nails by #EMPIRE (QUEENshop)
Mesh Body by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Skin & Nail Appliers by me but not available


New Year, New Head

I’ve been wanting to try out a Bento mesh head for a while but none of the ones available ever felt “Fricka” enough for me to make the investment. Until I tried Neve from LAQ. After some skin and shape tweaking I think I’ve got it feeling Fricka-esque. I’m really pleased with how cute my skins ended up looking on this head. I love pretty much everything about what LAQ has done here. I adore the HUD. It’s easy to use, clean and neat, and has everything available all in one HUD. I’m also super pleased with how easy it is to test textures with the HUD which is essential for me. Another thing that is totally awesome about LAQ’s mesh heads is that they come loaded with Omega so you don’t have to go hunting down special appliers. And last, but not least, the poses and animations are very cute. All in all, I’m super pleased with my purchase and I’m looking forward to seeing what LAQ comes up with in the future.

LAQ Neve Head
Mesh Head by LAQ (Mallory Cowen)
Horns & Harness by The Plastik (Aikea Reiko)
Eyes by Devae. (Ruina Kessel)
Hair by Lamb (Lamb Bellic)
Corset by Junebug (juno.mantel)
Mesh Body by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Pose by Marukin (valencia.southard)

LAQ Neve Head
Mesh Head by LAQ (Mallory Cowen)
Horns by The Plastik (Aikea Reiko)
Hair by Doe (Helyanwe Vindaloo)
Eyes by Izzie’s (Izzie Button)
Ears by Mandala (kikunosuke.eel)
Dress by -Pixicat- (areve)
Mesh Body by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Pose by Marukin (valencia.southard)