Tekeli-li Sale!! Hurry!!

I meant to post this much earlier but I got really busy and totally forgot.. but you still have 3 hours to get to Tekeli-li’s 50% off sale before it’s over at midnight!!  And go, seriously go.  I already have a pretty good collection of weapony and jewelry and today I picked up even more stuff including hair, which I hadn’t purchased until now and I must say, I <3 Tekeli-li.  Everything there is absolutely brilliant and the color changing options are so amazing that you can have a totally customized look compared to another person in the same piece.  And omg, they used one of my skins in their ad!!  **happy dance!**  At any rate, I shall cut myself short so I can get this and pictures posted.  

 Tekeli-li Inanna 1

Tekeli-li Inanna 2

Hair, Outfit, Jewelry and Staff by Tekeli-li Dark Artistry
Ears by Illusions
Piercing by ElectroKitty
Feet by SLink
Poses by Imperial Elegance