Lazy Places

Lazy Places has some of the cutest footwear I’ve ever seen in SL but Sakuradawn Lei also has created some incredibly unique and fantastic jewelry as well.  Case in point, her offerings for Horrorfest.  Honestly, my gushing knows no bounds here, she’s managed to make these necklaces both creepy and gorgeous all at the same time.  The Widow necklace is delicate and beautiful and even though it has one of my most hated living beings adorned on it, the loathsome spider, I still love it!  And the Persephone necklace is hands down (hurr, hurr) one of my most favorite pieces ever.  Terrible puns aside, it really is spectacular, terrifying and awesome.

LP Jewelry

Necklaces by Lazy Places – available at Horrorfest
Hair by Ploom (Helyanwe Vindaloo)
Lashes by Cake (Stumbelina Ophelia)
Ears by SLink (Siddean Munro)
Piercing by Lazy Places (Sakuradawn Lei)
Horns by Ruina Kessel
Top by Last Call (no longer avail)