I told my husband I had steampunked his avatar and made him log in to see what I’d come up with so we could snap a few pics. Well while he didn’t do much more than stand there and provide some tasty arm candy, I’d say it was quite steamy… until he teleported away to go explore some Star Trek sim. :P I really loved these outfits and I think we’ll be sporting them for a while.  I also would like to express my love for OMFG and all the awesome, awesome steampunk goodness for only L$ 1.  So cool!

Steampunk 1

Steampunk 2

Steampunk 3

Steampunk 4

Steampunk 5

Hair by ETD
Skin by me
Eyes by AET
Lashes by Cake
Outfit by League
Boots by League
Gauntlets by BareRose
Pistols, Bracers & Goggles by OMFG (And omfg indeed, they are only L$ 1!)

Hair by Truth
Skin by FNKY
Scar by me
Eyes by PixelDolls
Outfit by GothiCatz
Boots by Shiny Things
Rifle & Goggles by OMFG