Bare Rose Appreciation – A look back

It’s no secret Bare Rose is one of my top favorite stores in SL…. just a trip through my Flickr feed proves I’m addicted. I can safely say no one does fantasy better and it’s always my first stop whenever I’m jonesing for something awesome. Combined with ridiculously low prices and you’ve got epic win. I don’t even think twice whenever I pop in and something catches my fancy like I would if I was just about anywhere else. So when I saw Winter Jefferson’s post calling for a Bare Rose Appreciation week I just had to make a Bare Rose fan girly post. I’m going to start with this post looking back on some of my favorite Bare Rose outfits ever and tomorrow I’ll post something new! Warning, photo onslaught ahead! :D  (If you click the pics, most will have other outfit credits if you want to know more about what else is in the pic)

Lady Tuberose
Blue Fantasy 3

Scout Lady
4-10 Blog 4

After...... 2

Wits or a Dagger 3

Sword 1

Pirate 1

Vengeance 5

Golden Thorn
Paladin 1