Change of Scenery

I needed a change of scenery… I’d already been considering either building myself a new house (bad idea) or buying a new prefab (good idea) just to shake things up. Yeah, I’m boring, that shakes things up for me. Anyways, I saw this amazing prefab from Alice’s Garden over on Virtually Dressed so I pretty much insta tp’d over there to check them out. All of them were so awesome, I bemoaned my lack of land since just looking at most of them I knew I couldn’t fit them on my teeny plot. But luckily, the Garden Shed was just right. I have to say, I’m a fan of worn looking textures and the ones used on these prefabs are particularly awesome. The shed is no mod/no copy but for the price (L$ 199) and cuteness, I totally was willing to overlook that and now that I’ve got it set up, I just love it… and I got to finally use my CSR gifts from HPMD and MilcaHolic which just didn’t quite go in my last skybox. Yay!

Change of Scenery 1

Change of Scenery 2

Change of Scenery 3

Change of Scenery 4

Hair – [Micky Dango by *BP]
Eyes – [Quiet Green by Miriel]
Piercings – [Face Piercing by Electro Kitty]
Skin by me
Lashes – [Bedroom Lashes by Cake]
Necklace – [Erzulie by Tekeli-li]
Gloves – [Handwarmers by UnTone Quilt]
Dress – [Cotton Lace Dress by *BP]
Socks – [Toeless Socks by Dutch Touch]
Boots – [CSR Boots from Zero Number] (last year’s CSR gift)
Garden Shed by Alice’s Garden
Rocking Horse by HPMD (CSR Gift)
Dining Table Set by *MilcaHolic* (CSR Gift)

In the company of nothing.