Or another time sink for me!  If you’ve seen my Flickr feed lately it was inundated with screenshots from the Aion open beta.  Sorry!  I went a little screenshot happy.  After seeing Sai Pennell’s amazing screens, I decided to give the game a shot and I’m glad I did because I found it to be immensely enjoyable.  While it isn’t necessarily ground breaking in the MMO world, it’s fun and it has amazing graphics and that’s good enough for me.  I really can’t say enough how awesome the graphics are, the game is just visually stunning.  Also the characters are incredibly detailed and there is a really large amount of ways you can customize your character.  In this game the characters are all basically the same base race of Humans so you’d think everyone would look the same, but not so, with the customization nearly all the toons are very unique.  From hair color to height, just about every facet of your character’s appearance are customizable.  And of course, that won me over immediately because I’m a sucker for a pretty character.  I actually quit playing Warhammer fairly soon because of the hideous characters.  They lacked detail and were just plain fug.  The game was a tad bit boring as well and not having well designed characters was the nail in the coffin for me.  Next to the character selection screen the other stand out of Aion was the ability to change channels within your own server.  I’m anti-social and a bit of a hermit so I like to solo and explore and adventure on my own quite a bit and being able to swap to a less populated channel is amazing.  Especially when doing obnoxious gathering quests and the like.  This was a huge selling point for me.  Besides these two things, Aion is your typical fantasy MMO fodder and if you’ve played and enjoyed WoW or Warhammer or just about anything else, you’ll likely find something to enjoy here as well.  If you decide to play, let me know, as of right now I’m rolling Asmodian on Triniel and Elyos on Lumiel and likely on Zikel, assuming they don’t shut that server down again.  I’d love to see some more SL faces roaming about the Aion landscape. :D

My Elyos Sorcerer

My Asmodian Templar

The Elyos city of Sanctum

The Asmodian city of Pandemonium

Traveling via a glorious bird.

A Pirate Ship… because today is Talk like a Pirate Day!  Arrrrr!