It’s no secret that I’ve not been active in SL for quite some time. I seldom log in and I distanced myself from SL related things like blogs and Plurk.  My enthusiasm has ebbed away for a couple of years now and there’s a slew of reasons for it but basically at some point SL just began to feel unfriendly. I’ve rarely been the recipient of a direct attack but even a wallflower like myself can become weary of the way people treat one another. I know I’m a wimp.

In spite of all that, I still find myself craving SL as a way to do something a bit creative.  Even if my idea of creative is modifying templates.  Yes, I’m still and will probably always be sore over how down people are on such things.  With limited free time and a brain that acts like a sullen 7 year old in a bank whenever I try to make it learn 3D stuff, I’ve found that templates just fit with the things I like to do.  And I’m rather tired of apologizing for it.  Sorry, got off on a tangent there that probably illuminated some of why I dropped out of SL.

I had a point to all of this, I think.  Hey look, a newish spin on an old skin.


Horns by The Plastik (Aikea Reiko)
Hair by Truth (Truth Hawks)
Eyes by Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Lashes by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)

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