BBBC Day #4

The topic for today’s BBBC post was: SL Bloggers – Is your avatar more or less your current biological age? Do you portray a younger avatar, or older? Why is this?

I can’t say I’ve ever given much thought to what age my avatar was.  I tend to style her in a fantasy way giving her a more mystical quality which I think makes her almost immortal to me.  I don’t think I set out to make a young looking avatar but unless I start drawing in crow’s feet and worry lines onto my skins my avatar will never look older.  In RL I’m 31 but I look much younger and feel much older. I still get carded whenever I try to buy booze! I had one guy give me the hardest time last year at a 21+ show, he thought I had a fake ID. I admit, it was totally flattering even though I felt a bit silly trying to convince him I was actually 30. I think I ended up being the oldest person at that show and considering how exhausted I was afterward, I certainly felt like the oldest person there. >.<  Anyhoo, onto the picture… my avatar styled up like RL me.

BBBC Day 4

Hair by lamb (tinted)
Eyes by House of Ruin
Necklace by Shine
Top by Random
Jeans by Friday (tinted)
Shoes by Ubu

2 responses to “BBBC Day #4

  1. OOoo is your hair really pink?? I’m jealous! Next month I plan to get mine dyed :D

    And yes, fantasy does lend itself to the immortal feeling, doesn’t it?

    • I took the plunge and dyed it a while back, Special Effects Atomic Pink is hands down my favorite hair dye color and it holds onto hair like a rabid dog lol… I’ve got a pic of it here:

      I think with SL I prefer being more fantastical, even if it’s just with a pair of elf ears. Humans are always my least favorite faction to pick in games so I’m not very inclined to play one in SL either. ^.^

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