BBBC Day #2

I still feel like a truck hit me, backed up and then ran me over again…  So I’m going to post a pretty picture in lieu of really tackling today’s BBBC topic to discuss three positive things in SL. I like to think my little picture portrays the positive things about SL for me… it’s a place I can escape to, I can create my own little version of paradise because amazing creators make wonderful things I can fill my virtual world with and when I get the urge I can attempt to make some of my own pretties that, while they typically only appeal to me, are quite satisfying to see in world on my avatar.

In a Haze

Flowers by iTutu
Swing & Tree by Off Brand Furniture
Lights by Botanical
Hair by Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Horns & Eyes by House of Ruin
Top & Pants by Cubic Effect
Shoes by Miel

One response to “BBBC Day #2

  1. So beautiful. And I absolutely agree with everything you said. SL is such a marvelous place of potential, I don’t want a life without it. :)

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