LoTD 4-23

Quick look of the day post… The bulk of the outfit is from Plastik’s amazing 50L Friday avatar set!  Along with the eyes, dress, arm warmers, leggings and tattoo shown in the pic, the set also includes two gorgeous skins!  An amazing, amazing value for only 50 lindens… it might be one of the best 50L Friday items I’ve seen and that says a lot because they are almost all awesome!  Also made of awesome, the beautiful pearl choker from Lolapop!  The fat pack of these chokers is one of Lola’s charity items for the Alt Fair and inside you get a white version and a bonus bronze version that only is available in the fat pack at the fair!  And crap, I just realized I don’t have any horns on!  How did that happen?!

LoTD 4-23

Eyes, Dress, Arm Warmers, Leggings & Tattoo by Plastik (50L Friday item)
Choker by Lolapop! (Alt Fair!)
Hair by Ploom (formerly Deviant Kitties) (tinted)
Piercing by Lolapop!
Ears by Schadenfreude
Boots by Gos
Skin by Frick

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