Dragon Age – Epilogue

I finally finished Dragon Age: Origins today and wow, what a rush.  I may be terribly easy to entertain but that game hooked me from moment one and never let me go.  I’m almost a little embarrassed to admit, but I really found myself emotionally involved in the game, I cared about my companions and worried over choices I had made… that’s quite remarkable for a video game I’d say.  I found it immensely satisfying.   I ended up shelving my Human Noble Rogue in favor of my Human Mage because I’m just a Mage at heart I think.  I’ve always been drawn to casters and I couldn’t resist the allure of playing one all the way through.  Though I absolutely will finish the game out on my Rogue as well as she will likely make vastly different choices than my Mage did and I will be very interested to see the results of her actions. At any rate, I managed to get a relatively happy ending… sort of.  If you’ve played, I’m sure you know what I mean.  Having played a female character, I found the choices that I had to make were much more difficult than the choices my husband made on his male character.  I have to maintain DA doesn’t exactly cater to gamers of the female persuasion, but still, I highly recommend giving it a try, it’s just that amazing.  I’m already planning to buy the expansion pack as soon as it comes out on Tuesday!

Here’s some parting screenshots I took today!

DAOrigins 2010-03-13 11-48-06-10

DAOrigins 2010-03-13 11-49-26-97

DAOrigins 2010-03-13 10-15-09-40

2 responses to “Dragon Age – Epilogue

  1. The first time I played through DA, I was an elven mage. Alistair ended up breaking up with my character & I will admit it – I kinda cried. LOL The 2nd time through as a noble, of course there was no issue with becoming queen. Now I’m currently playing through as an elven warrior and I don’t think Alistair is going to be king. But hey, you never know what will happen!

    • I was totally selfish, I ended up putting Anora on the throne so Alistair could stay a Grey Warden with my mage… everyone seemed happy with that decision so I felt pretty good going with it. I was a little bummed that they had to throw in the whole Morrigan thing at the end, it tainted the happy ending a bit for me. Unfortunate that you only really have two options there, neither of which is very appealing all told. I think after I finish with my Human Noble Rogue, I’m playing male characters to see how that rolls in comparison lol.

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