Dragon Age continued…

So I’ve still been playing Dragon Age… I honestly don’t feel like doing anything else but that when I get a chance.  I’ve grown increasingly bored and burnt out on my other pursuits, namely SL and WoW so I’ve really enjoyed escaping into Dragon Age.  I’m an admitted alt-a-holic so I still haven’t even come close to finishing the game because I keep rolling new toons to play through different class/specialization/spec combos to find one I’ll be happy to take to end game.  I ended up rerolling my rogue completely.  I grew increasingly annoyed at her hairdo (it was stiff and odd during cutscenes and battle) and the terrible patchwork spec I’d chosen that I thought it would be less painful to just remake her from scratch.  I’m much happier this time around.  I was able to correct a few other little mistakes I’d been unhappy with as well, I made sure not to sell the Chasind Robes this time and to kill the Desire Demon in the Circle Tower for the Templar Armor.  So now my rogue and Alistair can look ever so stylish while battling Darkspawn.  I love taking screenshots during battle even though it has more than once led to my team’s demise lol.  But dang it, it was worth it.  Click through to see them larger.

Dragon Age: Origins - Rogue

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins

2 responses to “Dragon Age continued…

  1. Ooh, great shots! For some reason I can’t seem to take screenshots, so I’m stuck with whatever screenshots it captures for me. I just restarted for a 3rd time using a Dalish elf. I kind of miss my human noble, but this time I don’t want to play for queen.

    • Thanks!! :D

      I had the same the problems with screenshots too! I took so many great ones only to discover not a single one made it to the screenshot folder. >.< I use Fraps now to take my screenshots and so far, I haven't had any trouble. I also read on the DA forums that if you remap the screenshot key binding to another key that helps but I usually have Fraps open when I'm gaming anyways so I haven't tried that.

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