I’m “weird” and “a freak”.  As if I needed to be reminded why I don’t leave my skybox, I ventured out today and I wish I hadn’t.  I got picked on by a couple of uh.. “ladies” who apparently thought I was camming in on their “gOoDz” which is really quite verboten it would seem.  So they called me a freak and told me I was weird.  And I told them I’d rather look weird than look like a cheap hooker and then TP’d the hell out.  I hate people.  I also really effing hate that “feature” that lets people see where you are camming because clearly it’s not very precise because I never even saw the skanks before they approached me, let alone cammed in on them on purpose. *shudder*

Anyways, here’s my look of the day… gray, like my mood has been the past few days… I even made a super pale version of my goth skin tone to really nail down that noir look.

Horns by Wasabi Pills
Hair by
Roses by Illusions
Eyes by AET
Dress by Armidi
Hoofies by Lazy Places

2 responses to “Freak

  1. Anti-inspect peeps >.< don't let them get you down!

    I'll usually cam onto a far wall or object between my line-of-sight and them, and then keyboard zoom… lol…

    Hope you have less gray days ahead! (not that you look anything less than absolutely charming in that tone!)

  2. I totally understand your feeling,that’s why i hate people too.
    I’ve spend my whole high school period with people that called me “satanist” because of my look…and SL is not different at all,even if have the great chance to be wathever you want.
    BTW don’t mind of this weird people,your avie is one of the cutest i’ve seen in 2 years of SL!

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