Albino Drake

I was in a pretty major funk today. One of my WoW pals moved out of the country today and probably will no longer be able to play which really, really sucks but hopefully he’ll be joining me in Second Life soon! But before he left we started feverishly working on the new achievements thing that came out in the last patch. After mass hemorrhaging of gold and rune cloth I managed to come away with the Ambassador title and the Leading the Calvary achievement which netted me the Albino Drake which is a pretty sick looking mount. :D So even though I was in a crappy mood, that lifted my spirits a little.  And omfg, wtb Headless Horseman’s Mount!  Three days worth of farming and NOTHING. *le sigh*

Albino Drake 1

Albino Drake 2

Albino Drake 3

7 responses to “Albino Drake

  1. Dear lord…50 mounts? You are NUTS!

    I’ve been wanting to play with the new patch but meh…my boyfriend is all wrapped up in Warhammer, which is a fun game, but I’m starting to overdose on PvP and that is ALL he wants to do. :(

  2. Oh yes, I am nuts lol! It was some serious pocket change to complete this venture. Luckily I was already really close to exalted or exalted with the 5 factions so it went pretty fast. The new patch is a little boring truthfully, besides all the fancy achievements and new talents there’s very little substance that came with it. Horseman is always good times though. Even if the lousy mount hasn’t dropped at freakin’ all. :( But yeah, I think you’d be safe to wait until the expansion pack when the real content comes out. :)

  3. What country can you NOT play WoW in? I seriously would like to know.. because when I moved out of the states, the computer was much better.. more wireless and more speed.. but then again, maybe in China you can’t play such games? Who can say?

  4. I know, I told him the same thing! I knew he was being a bit dramatic about the whole thing. But he was all doom and gloom about it saying he’d tried it the last time he was there and it didn’t connect at all. I think I’ve convinced him to give it a try again anyways.. at most it will be super laggy but I think he’ll still be able to log on.

  5. Hi Clairy! I play over on the Draka realm, mostly Alliance side but I’ve got a few Horde toons kicking about as well. I can’t wait to make a DK myself, they are super, super fun. :D I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for the expansion pack to to hit this week!

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