Lousy Pictures

I find myself pretty much haunting the same handful of my favorite places in SL for screenshot takin’ and would love some recs on new places to go.  My few quirky stipulations would be that the place doesn’t have an insane amount of RP rules.. or any RP rules for that matter.  I usually get scared off by receiving a billion notecards laying out all the things I’m not allowed to do in a zone.  That’s fine, I understand they are trying to create an environment there.. but that kind of thing just freaks me out so I typically leave, never to return.  I’m a skittish deer, what can I say… I spook easily.  I’m not looking to RP, I’m just wanting to take a few screenies with something other than a plain backdrop.  I also would prefer a spot that isn’t crammed to the gills with green dots.  That one is there because I’m anti-social and to save myself Photoshop time cropping out newbies that wandered into my screenshot.  :P  So if you have favorite places you’d like to share, please comment or send me an LM in world!  Thanks!! :D

4 responses to “Lousy Pictures

  1. I’m not sure what kind of atmosphere you are looking for but I like to visit Gaia Rising for that magical medieval forest look. I’m honestly not sure what kind of RP rules they have because there is almost never anyone there, but it’s a beautiful place for pictures IMHO.

  2. Le Parc is a beautiful farm to take pictures at. Vignette is a gorgeous garden park, and both are almost always empty every time I’ve been there. Do you read b-places.com? That’s where I find all my new places to take pictures, and a lot of them are just great sims that people don’t know to go to yet.

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