BBBC Day 1

Ok, I’m an admitted secret admirer/stalker/gawker of many SL bloggers. I’m wowed by their creativity, taste, writing skills and total kyootness. I don’t know how you all do it! As soon as I set out to write my blog I almost always hit a writer’s block and end up going, OMG, I lurve this. But anyways, I’m starting to hit that wall so I better get to the point before I keep blathering. One of my favorite bloggers to secretly admire is Alicia Chenaux. Her blogs are really fun to read and always interesting. So when she issued the challenge to bloggers to update daily, well, I thought I’d give it a shot… sure, only a handful of people know my blog exists, but oh well, I’m gonna do it anyways. ^^

So I’ll start with the question of the day which was:
Why did you decide to start blogging about your Second Life?”

I started my original blog within just a short time of entering Second Life. Once I figured out how to make myself not look like a Orientation Island reject (which I actually was as I got dumped in some random sim, very far away from Orientation Island, left to fend for myself), I really wanted to have a spot to show screenshots of the game and share some of my thoughts, finds, and random thoughts. I was really inspired by all the blogs I came across when I googled random SL related things and thought a blog would be the perfect spot to catalog my journey. I didn’t expect to keep up with it as my history with blogs is pretty bad, I’ve left many a blog abandoned to the wayside. But I’d say this one is here to stay. :D But my big thing with this blog is really to show pics of cool stuff… so here’s a random pic I dug out of my screenshots folder to end the post with. :D

6-6 Blog

4 responses to “BBBC Day 1

  1. ah but what a great start.. you know pictures can talk (and write so much)–

    As a person who felt challanged by words at an early age I must share with you a secret of how I got out of writting (in ground school, elementary school-sixth grade—- A minium of 50 pages was required for our Everglades report.. I made some of the most beautiful water colours (a product of too many drawings in classroom the previous as well) the watercolours were REPACEMENTS for my insecure words..

    …less than half of the required but still not only got a passing grade! My inability to focus on the research but more of a “dazzle and distract” with beautiful images.. inspired by things I saw in nature at the time communicated so much more than my tiny words could ever say… or be written. The teacher litterally swooned as well as other students, people who didn’t even seem to like me.

    I was only 11 years old but since the only thing I felt secure in at the time was painting and drawing. I was also often persicuted for, and served time after school and went to the principal’s office many a time for just making up these crazy comics.

    But many times I think, if they just encouraged me, instead of punished me, I wouldn’t be in the limbo like place I am to this very day.

    Doesn’t the image speak so much more about the feeling in the heart? Arn’t words just too confused and somewhat inadiquate? And in worst cases, the confusion of words is more likely to cause a conflict than a confusion of image; one can always interprate image as one sees fit, but this flexiblity is not allowed with words.

    I blogged Second Life because of how it felt to be with friends and now recently without and just explore.. things changed, reasons to be there changed and yet I still am around.. even more so. :)

    (ps.. if I don’t make sense.. my husband and I just shared a few glasses of wine and its been really warm and it all just goes straight to my head LOL)

  2. When it comes down to SL, I think it really allows you to put an entire story into a single picture which really makes it a really fantastic creative outlet. I think my problem with blogging is that I’m just not very good at communicating in general. I’m shy to a fault and I think that tends to come across in my blogging. It’s amusing since I actually write for a living. >.< But the awesome thing is that I think I’m really learning a bit (very slowly) to stop being so socially awkward. :)

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